Milecastle 50th Anniversary Celebrations

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Time Travel!

The children had a special mission to complete in the 360 Zone! They had to travel back in time (in the tardis!) and take part in a different task from each decade!

1960’s – Complete pop art jigsaws

1970’s – Dress a doll from the 70s

1980’s – Recreate an iconic album cover

1990’s- Answer questions about Nelson Mandela

2000’s- Make the millennium bridge using paper!

2010’s- Design a new Minecraft character using blocks

What an adventure!

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Ma Baker!

We were so lucky to have Ma Baker work with us this week. She was a gift from Mrs Rae! Ma Baker tells wonderful stories and we all enjoyed joining in with The Gingerbread Man!


Ma baker made a special deal with us. She said she would give us all a gingerbread boy if we promised to go away and tell the story to another person! We all agreed!


Over two days Ma Baker worked with everybody in school. She focused on two famous books from the 1960’s. The Hungry Caterpillar and Where the Wild Things Are.


We ended our two days with a big celebration in the hall. Mrs Rae and Mr Morgan came to see what had been going on. I don’t think they had expected to take part in the show!

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Happy Birthday, Milecastle!

After many weeks of talking, planning and preparation, Milecastle’s 50th birthday has finally arrived! To launch the week of celebrations, the whole school assembled on the field on Monday morning to release 50 red balloons. This involved several conversations between Mrs Richardson and air traffic control to ensure that everything went smoothly! Each balloon had a label attached explaining where it had come from and why. We are looking forward to (hopefully!) receiving some emails telling us where our balloons were eventually found.

There was a great atmosphere and the balloons really were a spectacular sight. A great start to a very special week in Milecastle’s history.

Please keep checking this page as well as your child’s class blogs to find out more about what is going on in school this week.